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Email Setup - Microsoft Outlook XP

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Posted: 02 Jan, 2007
by: NOC M.
Updated: 25 Jul, 2007
by: NOC M.

These directions work for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

If Outlook is not already open, right-click on your Microsoft Outlook icon, usually located on your desktop, and select Properties.

Click E-mail Accounts... or, if Outlook is already open, click on Tools option, and select E-mail Accounts...

Select Add a new e-mail account option then Next.

Select POP3 then Next.

Fill in the information as you see below, replacing your own User Name and E-mail Address information. You can make sure everything works by pressing the Test Account Settings button.

If all tests completed successfully, click Next.   The screen below should show up. Click Finish. You can now use your email account.


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