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Email - Hosting

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Posted: 24 Jan, 2007
by: NOC M.
Updated: 30 Jul, 2007
by: Magdael R.D.

Megapath can host your email!  To accomplish this, send a list of email accounts and their passwords to . A MegaPath technician will create the accounts and will contact you if any additional information is required.

If you would like to have a company other than MegaPath host your DNS records,   but would like MegaPath to host your email, please have the hosting service point the email for your domain to our mail server IP address. You must make sure the DNS hosting service uses IP address as your PRIMARY mail exchange resource record (also know as an MX record). Please also notify us at that you are doing this so we can set the account up on our server. 

If MegaPath is hosting your domain name, please set up your email accounts in the following format:

  • email address: 
  • Account name/username:
  • Password: (your password)
  • POP3 Server:
  • SMTP Server:

To transfer your domain to MegaPath's servers, please us our   DNS Transfer Wizard. 

For more information on email and our services, please go to Megapath Networks

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